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(Looking at the photos, I REALLY need to do some 'cosmetic surgery' on Bean ASAP.  I need to redo his eyes, lashes, and resew his arms so that the wires go in at the elbow... AND make them longer.  Still, I'm proud of my very first attempt at making a puppet!)

         I just wanted to eat this little guy up.  SO adorable!  My LJ & RL friend [ profile] jorjedatoy brought her little 2 youngest kids.         

And this little guy, too... he gave Bean a kiss on the cheek.  I did my best not to completely melt!

It went well, I think the kids all had fun.  There were a couple of older kids (again) that became obsessed with putting things in Bean's mouth, I don't know what it is about boys... anyway, it was good.  It only lasted a little over an hour, but then I had a little time to just sit and chill with Jorje for a bit while Abyni played with Sasha and her little stuffed monkey that she got.  It was nice.

I DEFINITELY learned some things to do for future events, so I'm very grateful that we had some kids to practice on.  Oh, and both of our neighbors from either side of us came with their younger kids, too!

Patrick and I ran to Aldi for groceries and got nearly everything we need for the next two weeks (hopefully).  Patrick and Kainan are appreciating having breakfast burritos, breakfast bagels or sandwiches premade and ready to heat up in the mornings, so I'm going to make more of those not only for them, but for us 'stay at home' people, too, because I need an easy breakfast or I won't eat it.

Now I'm ready to eat something and chill.

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