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Today we finished up the Christmas candy, packaged it up and got it ready for shipping, delivery, and the gym.

I had a bunch of little silver metal favor boxes from a store closeout sale that I had intended to use someday for prom, and they each fit 4 small pieces of candy inside. I'm taking those to the gym to hand out to the students who want some.

I put one of the girls hand painted Christmas cards inside each box with about 1/2 pound of assorted candy (except for the couple of people who asked for specific flavors).

Now, we'll mail them out gradually this week (because I'm still not sure how much its going to cost, and I'm not sure we have enough to ship them all:) and deliver to the people who live between here and the gym.

I feel productive and befitting the title bestowed upon me by my husband, 'Domestic Holiday Goddess':) I just need a tiara:)

I made $55.00 worth of candy and hopefully MOST of it leaves this house because it is GOOD stuff!:)

There are orange fillings (round with white chocolate), mocha (fancy designed squares), Coconut (topped with toasted coconut), Peppermint (rectangles topped with crushed candy canes) and butter rum (plain squares).

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