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I need to go paint replacements for all of the artwork I've misplaced somewhere (*sigh* Nothing I LOVE more than redoing artwork that I've already done). Or make gumpaste flowers for Sprite's cake. Instead I'm watching Paris' Elizabeth Taylor/Cleopatra video. She's got some mad skillz, yo. I'm so proud of her.

Oh, and I need to help Abyni make another video when she's not coughing and hacking. She's pretty freaking comfortable in front of the camera, too.

I'm feeling exceptionally scattered and A.D.D. today. Exceptionally. And that is saying a lot.
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I did a blooper reel for BMB today and the photos of the outtakes are hilarious:) )

And Paris did some AMAZING makeup FX today and freaked me OUT!

Close-up Zombie Makeup )
Quite a difference from the princess look she did earlier this month!:)

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Bean's Monkey Business has a big fan in Xander (he even made a video for us where he sings Bean's *B* song... STOLE MY HEART!!!) Since he made one for us, the girls just love him. When I told them it was Xander's birthday today (thanks to facebook:), we decided to make a shout out Happy birthday video for him today. It took forever as I had to keep working through glitches (its been a LONG time since I made a video, apparently!:) The lighting is awful, but it got made anyway, and I don't think a 5 year old is going to care about the lighting!!

I also got an email asking if we do live shows, and if we could get booked for a birthday party in November. I need to get some paperwork/contract type stuff worked out. I want to have a live show/birthday party for Bean anyway, once it cools off a little bit, and the newspaper has been asking to come to a live show, so it might all start gearing up here again soon.

If you haven't seen it, this is my other daughter Paris with Bean (this is still my favorite Bean video of all time:)
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I just happened to look at Bean's Monkey Business youtube channel last night. I have 10,000 views. Well, last night it was CLOSE, but today its actually OVER 10K. My silly little stop motion animation of the Old MacDonald Had a Farm has over 5,000 views. 4,337 of those views are from the last 30 days!

I discovered that around June 17th, my daily view count went from 40-50 to over 300 almost every day, consistently. And I haven't even uploaded new content for TWO MONTHS!

I went and monetized a few of the more popular videos with all original content because Paris monetized hers and made $25.00 fairly quickly.

I CAN NOT WAIT TO MOVE AND GET FILMING AGAIN!!! I am getting really excited about having a real puppet set so that Bean can "walk" and move from room to room. I have some super exciting ideas about making sleeves with "Bean's" hands/gloves on the end, so that for B roll footage, Abyni can put her hands in the sleeves and it will allow us to have Bean do more things with his hands. Count on his fingers, play with playdough, paint, hold someone's hand on a field trip, etc.

I would so love for this to be something that becomes income for us at some point.

I am also really looking forward to doing more live shows.

Anyway, just a weird, random thing that I suddenly decided to look at.
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I just made a post about the difference in quality between our old camera and our new one... and even I am shocked! I mean, seriously, wow. HUGE difference. Videos that I thought looked okay before now just look awful to me. Thankfully, I doubt kids care that much:)

This is so strange to me, but my most popular post thus far is our Old MacDonald Had a Farm post.  That is about the only thing that gets searched that leads to our blog.  Who would have thought?

And the Top 5 Videos post I made to compile some of the most popular videos in one place.

Oh, and I have contacted a few fundraising events in October that I'm hoping will let us come and set up with Bean and do some live shows!
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Seriously. Paris and "Bean" didn't know the camera was ready yet, so we were just playing around... it was SO funny and Paris is just so adorably giggly and cute:) Bean is trying to convince Paris that he has 16 toes.
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Paris' makeup tutorial youtube channel is doing SO great!!! LESS than ONE MONTH ago, I posted about how she had just over 2,000 views and 56 subscribers.
       In less than one (ONE!!) month

she's gotten 2,000 MORE views and has gained 130 new subscribers!       

Look at that: 186 Subscribers and 4,049 Views!

I am so freaking proud of her.  Oh, and we got our new camera on Saturday and she spent the next four hours studying the user manual so that she can improve the quality of her videos.
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My mom came to visit and I talked her into doing art lessons on the show:) She taught Bean to shade with paint to make a circle look like a 3-D ball.
If your kids enjoy painting, check this out!

AND, Look at Paris' Cool false eyelashes that she made! She's going to make some Hunger Games inspired ones soon, too!

Oh, and I think I'm going to do this with my hair... 
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I made two kickstarter "final" videos. One of them is "Serious Business" and the other is more A.D.D./realistic/random. I'll be posting BOTH of them on the kickstarter page. We really want to get the feel of the show, specifically Bean.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in backing this project, you can send them to our kickstarter page TOMORROW!!! Yes!! Our kickstarter will be up tomorrow. I'm so excited:)

We're doin' Business here:

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Patrick and I are trying to make our kickstarter proposal video, but so far all we have is a blooper reel:

He and I have differing opinions on what it should look like, so we're trying to morph our ideas and opinions... its really really hard to get it right in one take, but editing it with a separate sound track is really REALLY hard. Ironically enough, we just don't even have good enough equipment to make a video asking for funding. Yes, that is part of the point... but another thing that Patrick and I disagree on.

I'm tired of thinking about it now, though, so I'm going to go upload stuff to the properly spelled youtube channel. Yeah, I noticed after 35 videos and nearly 1000 upload views that there was a typo in the original channel name. *sigh*
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I got a brain storm today and made a stop motion animation animation for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" for our show & blog. I know its not perfect (we don't have a working tripod at the moment, so it was hard to get it right) but I still had fun doing it. What do you guys think?

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Today we unleashed Bean's Beat Boxing and last night we did Ellen's Dance Dare from the Ellen DeGeneres Show!:) IT WAS A BLAST!!!

This is our visit to the library where we danced behind unsuspecting people... seriously, this was so much fun!!! You should all do it! (how awesome is my hubby for doing this??? Really!)

This is Bean's Hip Hop Beat Boxing day... (which was also fun, but not as fun as being out in public with Bean!!!)

I'm going to go edit our Ellen's Dance Dare at the grocery store and figure out how to do a picture in picture on Window's Movie Maker. See ya!
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    Seriously, you guys, please!!!  ... LOOK!!

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Patrick got home early today, so we filmed the rest of the week's shows. It is SO much better with him here!!!

We filmed a clip of Abyni and Bean the Monkey making up a song together (I wrote it) and it turned out SO AMAZINGLY WELL! I am actually REALLY REALLY proud of this episode clip!! Abyni needs to perk up a little bit, but she's just getting in the role, so its all good and she looks SO good on camera! Bean's focus was off (he wasn't looking right into the camera like he was supposed to, but hey, he's learning too:)

Anyway, I am extremely proud of the episode that we all put together, and I would REALLY appreciate some feedback on it when it publishes in the morning. Even if you don't have young kids, you can watch it just to appreciate the fact that I've never done any kind of puppeteering until last MONTH, you guys... I've been doing this less than a MONTH. With my hubby's helps and tons of support from my friends, its really coming together.  It was so much fun to edit this clip!!!

The post will upload in the morning, if you want to watch, you can check here in the morning, pretty much any time after 6:00, if I set the time scheduler thing right:) (and if you DO have kids and they want to watch, give me their names and I'll have Bean say "HI" to them sometime!)

And OMG, it goes so much better with my hubby here!!! He is SO freaking awesome!!

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We didn't get filming done yesterday, so instead we had to hurry up and do our first clip this morning... Bean obviously needed a bit more coffee first:)

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Unlike the channels where the teens/young adults appear to have an unlimited budget for expensive stuff, here's a nice change of pace for you. She's on a VERY tight budget because we're a single income family with 5 kids:)
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Paris made this makeup tutorial video all by herself:) AND she even gave me credit for the things I taught her, what a great daughter!! I am so proud of her, she did such an awesome job.

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I just found the CUTEST online children's books by Matt Ryan. I read one as the Silly Monkey for Sarah, [ profile] wisteria's daughter.  If you have a wee one that you'd like me to name/read to, let me know because I'll be reading and uploading more soon:)
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I have a goofy cartoon voice I can do. Apparently I have never done it before for my family. Even Patrick says I've never done it before... really??

Anyway, I was doing it for Paris the other day and she just SQUEALS with laughter. I made her a video on her fb wall and then today I made a birthday video with the voice for Garrett/Bobo's wall. She played and played and replayed it over and over and OVER, giggling the whole time. Its hilarious. If I'm doing it IRL with the stuffed monkey in my hand, she watches the monkey and talks to it as if its really the one speaking. She's SUCH a goose.

If you (or your children) are interested in a silly monkey saying Merry Christmas, here is my mad skillz y'all:

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Just posted this as a comment on a friend's LJ and thought I would post it here as well. Soon there are going to be so many youtube vids up of my family, you can meet us 'in person' that way:) I'm still trying to figure out how to best accomplish this, but here are some snippets of life in my house... and no, its not ALWAYS this chaotic. Just when we're all in the same room.

For instance: Sprite trying to kick Kainan in the head. Well, first she is just trying to kick the ceiling and she almost can. THEN she tries to kick Kainan in the head while he has her in a headlock. Fun and games at the MsByn household. Yeah, I get the parenting award of the year for video taping this.

And for a good look at the dynamics of more of us... including me being very frustrated as it begins. And about the randomness that is, and the constantness of the interrupting of thought... and Kainan's grouchy sarcastic demeanor (he was in a pretty foul mood that day... or lately)

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