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Paris is PMSing hardcore today. Not with a bad attitude or anything, but she wants chocolate BAD. She was on Pinterest and kept finding things to make... and of course our cupboards are BARE. We're missing at least one, if not most of the ingredients to make ANYTHING.

I finally told her that if she made a blog post about it and posted it before Patrick left for work, then he could stop and get it on the way home (because we have no car, and how many PMSing women want to walk 3 1/2 miles for chocolate if they don't have to?)

Lol. This is cracking me up!
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I feel like a raging B*TCH today. I woke up early feeling like I could just RAGE early this morning, so I thought, "Wow, I' going back to sleep and I'll try this again"

It didn't help.

I woke up again feeling even more growly.

We're out of coffee. Of all the unjustices, I have had no chocolate even though 1/2 price chocolate day fell on DURING MY PMS/PERIOD. This weekend I am buying chocolate. GOOD FREAKING CHOCOLATE AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

Yes, I realize I'm being ridiculous and probably annoying, but you know what? Sometimes you are probably annoying too... This is MY JOURNAL. Scroll away my friends, just keep scrolling... just keep scrolling... You wouldn't get it, mom, its from Finding Nemo.

And what the hell is wrong with my "M" key?
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and she said, "What's there to say? Its a bloody mess. Everything sucks for a few days, emotionally, physically... pretty much everything."

BTW, Paris has GOT to be nearing perioding stuff. Seriously. The girl is PMSing like nobodies business.

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