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(Looking at the photos, I REALLY need to do some 'cosmetic surgery' on Bean ASAP.  I need to redo his eyes, lashes, and resew his arms so that the wires go in at the elbow... AND make them longer.  Still, I'm proud of my very first attempt at making a puppet!)

         I just wanted to eat this little guy up.  SO adorable!  My LJ & RL friend [ profile] jorjedatoy brought her little 2 youngest kids.         

And this little guy, too... he gave Bean a kiss on the cheek.  I did my best not to completely melt!

It went well, I think the kids all had fun.  There were a couple of older kids (again) that became obsessed with putting things in Bean's mouth, I don't know what it is about boys... anyway, it was good.  It only lasted a little over an hour, but then I had a little time to just sit and chill with Jorje for a bit while Abyni played with Sasha and her little stuffed monkey that she got.  It was nice.

I DEFINITELY learned some things to do for future events, so I'm very grateful that we had some kids to practice on.  Oh, and both of our neighbors from either side of us came with their younger kids, too!

Patrick and I ran to Aldi for groceries and got nearly everything we need for the next two weeks (hopefully).  Patrick and Kainan are appreciating having breakfast burritos, breakfast bagels or sandwiches premade and ready to heat up in the mornings, so I'm going to make more of those not only for them, but for us 'stay at home' people, too, because I need an easy breakfast or I won't eat it.

Now I'm ready to eat something and chill.
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I'm very nervous and slightly confused about what is going to happen tomorrow, but I hope that Paris and Bean can bring some smiles to the kids and distract them from reality for a little bit. Paris and Bean interact so well together and improv really well... so it should be good.

I'm going to have Jaedin take photos with Bean and the kids (if they want to) and give them a card so that they can email me and I can send them a photo (or I'll just write down names & emails in order and hope that I remember when it comes time to email them!)

I want this to go well. I've never had a sick kid before (other than maybe a once a year cold/flu type thing, but rarely have any of my kids been sick for more than two or three days at a time), so I can not imagine the stress of having to have a child in the hospital. I want to bring them some smiles and laughs... and I also want to start some fundraising so that we can order a custom stuffed plush of Bean to hand out to the kids some day.

Anyway, that is what is on my mind tonight.
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Bean's Monkey Business has a big fan in Xander (he even made a video for us where he sings Bean's *B* song... STOLE MY HEART!!!) Since he made one for us, the girls just love him. When I told them it was Xander's birthday today (thanks to facebook:), we decided to make a shout out Happy birthday video for him today. It took forever as I had to keep working through glitches (its been a LONG time since I made a video, apparently!:) The lighting is awful, but it got made anyway, and I don't think a 5 year old is going to care about the lighting!!

I also got an email asking if we do live shows, and if we could get booked for a birthday party in November. I need to get some paperwork/contract type stuff worked out. I want to have a live show/birthday party for Bean anyway, once it cools off a little bit, and the newspaper has been asking to come to a live show, so it might all start gearing up here again soon.

If you haven't seen it, this is my other daughter Paris with Bean (this is still my favorite Bean video of all time:)
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I just happened to look at Bean's Monkey Business youtube channel last night. I have 10,000 views. Well, last night it was CLOSE, but today its actually OVER 10K. My silly little stop motion animation of the Old MacDonald Had a Farm has over 5,000 views. 4,337 of those views are from the last 30 days!

I discovered that around June 17th, my daily view count went from 40-50 to over 300 almost every day, consistently. And I haven't even uploaded new content for TWO MONTHS!

I went and monetized a few of the more popular videos with all original content because Paris monetized hers and made $25.00 fairly quickly.

I CAN NOT WAIT TO MOVE AND GET FILMING AGAIN!!! I am getting really excited about having a real puppet set so that Bean can "walk" and move from room to room. I have some super exciting ideas about making sleeves with "Bean's" hands/gloves on the end, so that for B roll footage, Abyni can put her hands in the sleeves and it will allow us to have Bean do more things with his hands. Count on his fingers, play with playdough, paint, hold someone's hand on a field trip, etc.

I would so love for this to be something that becomes income for us at some point.

I am also really looking forward to doing more live shows.

Anyway, just a weird, random thing that I suddenly decided to look at.
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I just made a post about the difference in quality between our old camera and our new one... and even I am shocked! I mean, seriously, wow. HUGE difference. Videos that I thought looked okay before now just look awful to me. Thankfully, I doubt kids care that much:)

This is so strange to me, but my most popular post thus far is our Old MacDonald Had a Farm post.  That is about the only thing that gets searched that leads to our blog.  Who would have thought?

And the Top 5 Videos post I made to compile some of the most popular videos in one place.

Oh, and I have contacted a few fundraising events in October that I'm hoping will let us come and set up with Bean and do some live shows!
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Seriously. Paris and "Bean" didn't know the camera was ready yet, so we were just playing around... it was SO funny and Paris is just so adorably giggly and cute:) Bean is trying to convince Paris that he has 16 toes.
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I forgot to borrow Kainan's good phone this morning, so all I had was my old little cell phone, so the photos are really bad, but its all I have. For the first hour, I was behind the desk and kids were climbing up the front and these 4 kids would NOT move out of the way for the smaller kids, so I went around to the front and sat down with the kids. For quite a while I was SURROUNDED by a lot of kids, it was crazy. By the time I remembered to take photos, it was near the end of the event, but there were still some die-hard fans around:)

It was sweet how all but one kid completely ignored the fact that I was even there. They just talked with Bean, played peek a boo and asked a million questions. Oh, and at the park the other day AND today, the kids were so obsessed with trying to feed Bean... that got aggravating, but most kid stopped when I asked them to.

One brother & sister started crying when they had to leave and I felt bad:(

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My mom came to visit and I talked her into doing art lessons on the show:) She taught Bean to shade with paint to make a circle look like a 3-D ball.
If your kids enjoy painting, check this out!

AND, Look at Paris' Cool false eyelashes that she made! She's going to make some Hunger Games inspired ones soon, too!

Oh, and I think I'm going to do this with my hair... 
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Hey guys!  Guess what!?!?!
We're going to be taking Bean from Bean's Monkey Business (our new educational and fun kids series) to be interviewed on Fox 23's Day Break morning talk show!  We're really excited and hope this gives us a much needed boost for our kickstarter funding program so we can do this thing right!  If you're in the Tulsa area, be sure to tune in.  We'll be on around 8:45!!  
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It is LIVE!!! Can you help us spread the word??

The COUNTDOWN Begins... Our kickstarter is LIVE. We have 30 Days, and we would appreciate it GREATLY if you would help us spread the word!! We're dreaming big and reaching for the stars!! At least have a look and see what we've been up to for the past few months!

And I can't tell you how nervous I am!!
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And we had Bean out already because we were taking photos right before they got here. The litte boys was scared to talk to Bean at first, but his sister LOVED him and wanted a hug, etc. The little boys eventually warmed up and played peek a boo and he's jump SO high and giggle like crazy. It was adorable. I didn't take video because they aren't my kids, but I think I'll ask if it would be okay next time because it was so cute!
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My old clean eating blog has had nearly 50,000 views and regularly gets around 3,000 views a month, even though I haven't updated it regularly for almost 9 months.

I'm going to start updating it again once a week for "Foodie Friday" since I keep getting requests. For at least the first month it'll be gluten free, since I'm dealing with that at the moment, and I think I'll do a video for them as well, since I now have a way to edit videos that I can use stress free.

My first "Bean" blog where I started with the puppet making process has 30 posts and 2,000 views.

Then, 6 weeks ago, I moved to and that blog has gotten a little over 1,200 views.

At the same time, I started Bean's Youtube Channel, and that just passed 1,00 views too.

Which made me go look at my personal youtube (mrsbyn) and that one has gotten over 25,000 VIEWS! Wow!!

I know these stats are nothing compared to a LOT of big youtubers/bloggers, but I'm still happy with it. I feel like I'm doing a good job, and it feels good that people are enjoying it. I'm going to make it on the Ellen show yet!

And, I've decided that I like the idea of becoming famous as a puppet. Then I never have to worry about getting older if I don't want to:)

Oh, and Paris rocks, too! She's only got 11 videos on her own channel thus far and she has hit 1,000 views too!!
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Patrick and I are trying to make our kickstarter proposal video, but so far all we have is a blooper reel:

He and I have differing opinions on what it should look like, so we're trying to morph our ideas and opinions... its really really hard to get it right in one take, but editing it with a separate sound track is really REALLY hard. Ironically enough, we just don't even have good enough equipment to make a video asking for funding. Yes, that is part of the point... but another thing that Patrick and I disagree on.

I'm tired of thinking about it now, though, so I'm going to go upload stuff to the properly spelled youtube channel. Yeah, I noticed after 35 videos and nearly 1000 upload views that there was a typo in the original channel name. *sigh*
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I got a brain storm today and made a stop motion animation animation for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" for our show & blog. I know its not perfect (we don't have a working tripod at the moment, so it was hard to get it right) but I still had fun doing it. What do you guys think?

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Tomorrow I'm starting my personal story about our family's acting/theater/film journey thus far.

When I started journaling about this, it seemed to me like we have been doing this forEVER. It wasn't until I started writing that I realized we never did anything theatrically as adults or as a family before that moment in 2005 when we auditioned for our first play! Crazy!! Its a 10 part series and I'm not sure how to exactly schedule it on my blog, but part one will be there, bright and early tomorrow at If you haven't known me on LJ since then, you may find it interesting.

Plus there are awesome cute pics of me (with longish dark hair, even!), Patrick and the kids 7 years younger:)\

Patrick is working hard on music and I'm trying to write lyrics. We will have some new original music next week!!
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Today we unleashed Bean's Beat Boxing and last night we did Ellen's Dance Dare from the Ellen DeGeneres Show!:) IT WAS A BLAST!!!

This is our visit to the library where we danced behind unsuspecting people... seriously, this was so much fun!!! You should all do it! (how awesome is my hubby for doing this??? Really!)

This is Bean's Hip Hop Beat Boxing day... (which was also fun, but not as fun as being out in public with Bean!!!)

I'm going to go edit our Ellen's Dance Dare at the grocery store and figure out how to do a picture in picture on Window's Movie Maker. See ya!
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    Seriously, you guys, please!!!  ... LOOK!!

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We didn't get filming done yesterday, so instead we had to hurry up and do our first clip this morning... Bean obviously needed a bit more coffee first:)

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