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Seriously. This is funny. Do people not even think?

I personally don't care. I've come far enough in my own "journey" that this doesn't phase me, but I know that there are people who are going to be upset/offended/hurt/triggered, whatever. This question seems to be in poor taste.
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I just joined ask me anything & ontd_slumber, but I haven't had time to be active enough to know what its really like yet.
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It depends on my hair.

In my younger years, it was whatever color my hair was=whatever celeb was popular with that cut & color.

Now, obviously, I get the "you look like P!nk" thing because THAT is my hair (AND MY 'BADASS' 'intimidating' personality helps, too, I'm sure.) The only oddity is that seeing her in interviews and off the cuff stuff, my husband of nearly 18 years says that we are some kind of twins or something because we have a lot of the same quirks/personality things and whatnot.
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My husband. He is strong in every way that I am weak.
I am strong in the areas that he is weak.
He is all science, math, calculations and technology.
I am all creativity, art, adventure, dreams, perception and 'the big picture'.
He would happily live a fairly content life in the box, routine and good enough.
I drive everything out of the box and full of chance and dreams.
We are a perfect compliment to each other.

As long as he listens to me and trusts my intuition:)

Actually, he's perfect for me regardless.

Tonight I was reading wedding vows in a book and was reminded (again) that (long story) I didn't say my vows at our wedding (again, longer story)... I said, "We should renew our vows" and then realized we're less than 2 1/2 years away from our TWENTIETH anniversary. We might renew our vows then. Well, HE will renew... I'll finally say them:)

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