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Today we unleashed Bean's Beat Boxing and last night we did Ellen's Dance Dare from the Ellen DeGeneres Show!:) IT WAS A BLAST!!!

This is our visit to the library where we danced behind unsuspecting people... seriously, this was so much fun!!! You should all do it! (how awesome is my hubby for doing this??? Really!)

This is Bean's Hip Hop Beat Boxing day... (which was also fun, but not as fun as being out in public with Bean!!!)

I'm going to go edit our Ellen's Dance Dare at the grocery store and figure out how to do a picture in picture on Window's Movie Maker. See ya!
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Unlike the channels where the teens/young adults appear to have an unlimited budget for expensive stuff, here's a nice change of pace for you. She's on a VERY tight budget because we're a single income family with 5 kids:)
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Paris made this makeup tutorial video all by herself:) AND she even gave me credit for the things I taught her, what a great daughter!! I am so proud of her, she did such an awesome job.

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I have a goofy cartoon voice I can do. Apparently I have never done it before for my family. Even Patrick says I've never done it before... really??

Anyway, I was doing it for Paris the other day and she just SQUEALS with laughter. I made her a video on her fb wall and then today I made a birthday video with the voice for Garrett/Bobo's wall. She played and played and replayed it over and over and OVER, giggling the whole time. Its hilarious. If I'm doing it IRL with the stuffed monkey in my hand, she watches the monkey and talks to it as if its really the one speaking. She's SUCH a goose.

If you (or your children) are interested in a silly monkey saying Merry Christmas, here is my mad skillz y'all:

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HOLY CRAP. Paris pretty much has THE WORST hair in the world. She can't seem to do anything with it without it looking and feeling fried. She doesn't even use anything harsh, no heat, no styling products, nothing.

BUT, I told her to try the "no poo" method and she's been using that for about a week (three times) and her hair feels AMAZING. It feels like she has literally NEW hair. Holy cow. It feels soft and looks gorgeous. Dang.

After spending $$$$ trying to fix her hair, all we needed was baking soda and vinegar and her hair is cured.
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and she said, "What's there to say? Its a bloody mess. Everything sucks for a few days, emotionally, physically... pretty much everything."

BTW, Paris has GOT to be nearing perioding stuff. Seriously. The girl is PMSing like nobodies business.

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