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The three youngest. Paris did Jaedin and Abyni's makeup, and then decided that she wanted to go to the "Monster Bash" party at the last minute, so she threw on a scar or two and some blood and off they went:

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I need to go paint replacements for all of the artwork I've misplaced somewhere (*sigh* Nothing I LOVE more than redoing artwork that I've already done). Or make gumpaste flowers for Sprite's cake. Instead I'm watching Paris' Elizabeth Taylor/Cleopatra video. She's got some mad skillz, yo. I'm so proud of her.

Oh, and I need to help Abyni make another video when she's not coughing and hacking. She's pretty freaking comfortable in front of the camera, too.

I'm feeling exceptionally scattered and A.D.D. today. Exceptionally. And that is saying a lot.
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I did a blooper reel for BMB today and the photos of the outtakes are hilarious:) )

And Paris did some AMAZING makeup FX today and freaked me OUT!

Close-up Zombie Makeup )
Quite a difference from the princess look she did earlier this month!:)

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My mom came to visit and I talked her into doing art lessons on the show:) She taught Bean to shade with paint to make a circle look like a 3-D ball.
If your kids enjoy painting, check this out!

AND, Look at Paris' Cool false eyelashes that she made! She's going to make some Hunger Games inspired ones soon, too!

Oh, and I think I'm going to do this with my hair... 

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