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It is LIVE!!! Can you help us spread the word??

The COUNTDOWN Begins... Our kickstarter is LIVE. We have 30 Days, and we would appreciate it GREATLY if you would help us spread the word!! We're dreaming big and reaching for the stars!! At least have a look and see what we've been up to for the past few months!

And I can't tell you how nervous I am!!
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I made two kickstarter "final" videos. One of them is "Serious Business" and the other is more A.D.D./realistic/random. I'll be posting BOTH of them on the kickstarter page. We really want to get the feel of the show, specifically Bean.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in backing this project, you can send them to our kickstarter page TOMORROW!!! Yes!! Our kickstarter will be up tomorrow. I'm so excited:)

We're doin' Business here:

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Patrick and I are trying to make our kickstarter proposal video, but so far all we have is a blooper reel:

He and I have differing opinions on what it should look like, so we're trying to morph our ideas and opinions... its really really hard to get it right in one take, but editing it with a separate sound track is really REALLY hard. Ironically enough, we just don't even have good enough equipment to make a video asking for funding. Yes, that is part of the point... but another thing that Patrick and I disagree on.

I'm tired of thinking about it now, though, so I'm going to go upload stuff to the properly spelled youtube channel. Yeah, I noticed after 35 videos and nearly 1000 upload views that there was a typo in the original channel name. *sigh*

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