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Not that I have a lot to say, yet, I just wanted to make a post and see how this space is any different. Now I suppose I need to go find my friends from Livejournal :)

Anyway, for those who are new... ummmm... I don't know how to sum myself up.

I'll make a list, those are my favorite, when I'm not verbally vomiting 1,000 words on a page because EMOTIONS.

1. I cuss like a sailor.
2. I'm a reluctant/spontaneous adventurer. (Just spent a year+ living on a sailboat with my husband and some of the kids, traveling through Florida and the Bahamas)
3. I've been married for almost 23 years. Most of those years have been awesome. We've recently come through some pretty hard fucking times, but we're solid. Sometimes I bitch about my husband because this is my venting place. Regardless, he's an incredible man and I can't imagine anyone better.
4. I have five kids (plus a son in law, two grandkids AND an extra 'kid of my heart' who might as well be one of my own as well. They all come second in my priority list after my husband, even though most of them are adults and don't live at home, we see each other often and I'd say we're pretty damn close.
5. I hate normalcy, but at the same time, I'm incredibly lazy and finances stress me THE FUCK out after growing up and then spending the first two+ decades of my adult life barely eeking by (or not, as the case may be) so I tend to vacillate a lot on whether to take adventures or not (or I had no choice, because we were broke as hell).
6. I am a creative soul. I need to do something creative OFTEN or I go crazy. I am a writer, actress, singer and bizarrely enough, I've now started a tradition of writing and recording rap songs for my kids birthdays. Because, why the fuck not?

What else do you want to know? Oh yeah, 7. I'm a fairly open book and don't mind sharing things, especially with other people who tend to share their own lives as well.

Witness: The (2nd) Rap Song (there are also random funny family videos and whatnot on there as well, if you're a true stalker)

8. I am insanely proud of my kids, maybe not always when they're being assholes (which I can fully admit they do) but I support them and their endeavors. This is my youngest daughter's YouTube channel. She taught herself the guitar and ukulele and has finally started sharing some of her original music!

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Patrick made a tire swing for the kids today. There is an area of the yard where they tend to hang out. There is the above hammock, a hammock with a stand and now a tire swing.

The weather is SO gorgeous that we have had the windows all open for days. Patrick and I went and sat in the hammock together this afternoon for a while... it was blissful.

This morning the dogs fell asleep like this:

Today has been a lazy day. Patrick had the day off and we stayed in bed until 11:30. Having the kids doing Epic school online is awesome, btw.

Then I finished a book by Karin Slaughter that I just couldn't put down. I like her books, her style of writing and I love the suspense and the "real" characters that I can relate to. I've never read characters that seem as real and as deep... in a way that I can relate to. I've read "deep" characters, but they were always the type that I had no frame of reference for, which is good, but this kind of makes me feel less... less, 'odd'.

Anyway, we're probably going to the cheap theater tonight to see Total Recall with the boys as the girls are at a sleepover.

Tomorrow we visit the children's hospital with Bean again.
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Today we unleashed Bean's Beat Boxing and last night we did Ellen's Dance Dare from the Ellen DeGeneres Show!:) IT WAS A BLAST!!!

This is our visit to the library where we danced behind unsuspecting people... seriously, this was so much fun!!! You should all do it! (how awesome is my hubby for doing this??? Really!)

This is Bean's Hip Hop Beat Boxing day... (which was also fun, but not as fun as being out in public with Bean!!!)

I'm going to go edit our Ellen's Dance Dare at the grocery store and figure out how to do a picture in picture on Window's Movie Maker. See ya!
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Patrick got home early today, so we filmed the rest of the week's shows. It is SO much better with him here!!!

We filmed a clip of Abyni and Bean the Monkey making up a song together (I wrote it) and it turned out SO AMAZINGLY WELL! I am actually REALLY REALLY proud of this episode clip!! Abyni needs to perk up a little bit, but she's just getting in the role, so its all good and she looks SO good on camera! Bean's focus was off (he wasn't looking right into the camera like he was supposed to, but hey, he's learning too:)

Anyway, I am extremely proud of the episode that we all put together, and I would REALLY appreciate some feedback on it when it publishes in the morning. Even if you don't have young kids, you can watch it just to appreciate the fact that I've never done any kind of puppeteering until last MONTH, you guys... I've been doing this less than a MONTH. With my hubby's helps and tons of support from my friends, its really coming together.  It was so much fun to edit this clip!!!

The post will upload in the morning, if you want to watch, you can check here in the morning, pretty much any time after 6:00, if I set the time scheduler thing right:) (and if you DO have kids and they want to watch, give me their names and I'll have Bean say "HI" to them sometime!)

And OMG, it goes so much better with my hubby here!!! He is SO freaking awesome!!

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Just posted this as a comment on a friend's LJ and thought I would post it here as well. Soon there are going to be so many youtube vids up of my family, you can meet us 'in person' that way:) I'm still trying to figure out how to best accomplish this, but here are some snippets of life in my house... and no, its not ALWAYS this chaotic. Just when we're all in the same room.

For instance: Sprite trying to kick Kainan in the head. Well, first she is just trying to kick the ceiling and she almost can. THEN she tries to kick Kainan in the head while he has her in a headlock. Fun and games at the MsByn household. Yeah, I get the parenting award of the year for video taping this.

And for a good look at the dynamics of more of us... including me being very frustrated as it begins. And about the randomness that is, and the constantness of the interrupting of thought... and Kainan's grouchy sarcastic demeanor (he was in a pretty foul mood that day... or lately)

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