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Hey guys!  Guess what!?!?!
We're going to be taking Bean from Bean's Monkey Business (our new educational and fun kids series) to be interviewed on Fox 23's Day Break morning talk show!  We're really excited and hope this gives us a much needed boost for our kickstarter funding program so we can do this thing right!  If you're in the Tulsa area, be sure to tune in.  We'll be on around 8:45!!  
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It is LIVE!!! Can you help us spread the word??

The COUNTDOWN Begins... Our kickstarter is LIVE. We have 30 Days, and we would appreciate it GREATLY if you would help us spread the word!! We're dreaming big and reaching for the stars!! At least have a look and see what we've been up to for the past few months!

And I can't tell you how nervous I am!!
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Seriously. This is funny. Do people not even think?

I personally don't care. I've come far enough in my own "journey" that this doesn't phase me, but I know that there are people who are going to be upset/offended/hurt/triggered, whatever. This question seems to be in poor taste.
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And we had Bean out already because we were taking photos right before they got here. The litte boys was scared to talk to Bean at first, but his sister LOVED him and wanted a hug, etc. The little boys eventually warmed up and played peek a boo and he's jump SO high and giggle like crazy. It was adorable. I didn't take video because they aren't my kids, but I think I'll ask if it would be okay next time because it was so cute!
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I made two kickstarter "final" videos. One of them is "Serious Business" and the other is more A.D.D./realistic/random. I'll be posting BOTH of them on the kickstarter page. We really want to get the feel of the show, specifically Bean.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in backing this project, you can send them to our kickstarter page TOMORROW!!! Yes!! Our kickstarter will be up tomorrow. I'm so excited:)

We're doin' Business here:

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My old clean eating blog has had nearly 50,000 views and regularly gets around 3,000 views a month, even though I haven't updated it regularly for almost 9 months.

I'm going to start updating it again once a week for "Foodie Friday" since I keep getting requests. For at least the first month it'll be gluten free, since I'm dealing with that at the moment, and I think I'll do a video for them as well, since I now have a way to edit videos that I can use stress free.

My first "Bean" blog where I started with the puppet making process has 30 posts and 2,000 views.

Then, 6 weeks ago, I moved to and that blog has gotten a little over 1,200 views.

At the same time, I started Bean's Youtube Channel, and that just passed 1,00 views too.

Which made me go look at my personal youtube (mrsbyn) and that one has gotten over 25,000 VIEWS! Wow!!

I know these stats are nothing compared to a LOT of big youtubers/bloggers, but I'm still happy with it. I feel like I'm doing a good job, and it feels good that people are enjoying it. I'm going to make it on the Ellen show yet!

And, I've decided that I like the idea of becoming famous as a puppet. Then I never have to worry about getting older if I don't want to:)

Oh, and Paris rocks, too! She's only got 11 videos on her own channel thus far and she has hit 1,000 views too!!
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Paris is PMSing hardcore today. Not with a bad attitude or anything, but she wants chocolate BAD. She was on Pinterest and kept finding things to make... and of course our cupboards are BARE. We're missing at least one, if not most of the ingredients to make ANYTHING.

I finally told her that if she made a blog post about it and posted it before Patrick left for work, then he could stop and get it on the way home (because we have no car, and how many PMSing women want to walk 3 1/2 miles for chocolate if they don't have to?)

Lol. This is cracking me up!
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Patrick and I are trying to make our kickstarter proposal video, but so far all we have is a blooper reel:

He and I have differing opinions on what it should look like, so we're trying to morph our ideas and opinions... its really really hard to get it right in one take, but editing it with a separate sound track is really REALLY hard. Ironically enough, we just don't even have good enough equipment to make a video asking for funding. Yes, that is part of the point... but another thing that Patrick and I disagree on.

I'm tired of thinking about it now, though, so I'm going to go upload stuff to the properly spelled youtube channel. Yeah, I noticed after 35 videos and nearly 1000 upload views that there was a typo in the original channel name. *sigh*
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I got a brain storm today and made a stop motion animation animation for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" for our show & blog. I know its not perfect (we don't have a working tripod at the moment, so it was hard to get it right) but I still had fun doing it. What do you guys think?

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Tomorrow I'm starting my personal story about our family's acting/theater/film journey thus far.

When I started journaling about this, it seemed to me like we have been doing this forEVER. It wasn't until I started writing that I realized we never did anything theatrically as adults or as a family before that moment in 2005 when we auditioned for our first play! Crazy!! Its a 10 part series and I'm not sure how to exactly schedule it on my blog, but part one will be there, bright and early tomorrow at If you haven't known me on LJ since then, you may find it interesting.

Plus there are awesome cute pics of me (with longish dark hair, even!), Patrick and the kids 7 years younger:)\

Patrick is working hard on music and I'm trying to write lyrics. We will have some new original music next week!!
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I just joined ask me anything & ontd_slumber, but I haven't had time to be active enough to know what its really like yet.
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I feel like a raging B*TCH today. I woke up early feeling like I could just RAGE early this morning, so I thought, "Wow, I' going back to sleep and I'll try this again"

It didn't help.

I woke up again feeling even more growly.

We're out of coffee. Of all the unjustices, I have had no chocolate even though 1/2 price chocolate day fell on DURING MY PMS/PERIOD. This weekend I am buying chocolate. GOOD FREAKING CHOCOLATE AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

Yes, I realize I'm being ridiculous and probably annoying, but you know what? Sometimes you are probably annoying too... This is MY JOURNAL. Scroll away my friends, just keep scrolling... just keep scrolling... You wouldn't get it, mom, its from Finding Nemo.

And what the hell is wrong with my "M" key?
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Today we unleashed Bean's Beat Boxing and last night we did Ellen's Dance Dare from the Ellen DeGeneres Show!:) IT WAS A BLAST!!!

This is our visit to the library where we danced behind unsuspecting people... seriously, this was so much fun!!! You should all do it! (how awesome is my hubby for doing this??? Really!)

This is Bean's Hip Hop Beat Boxing day... (which was also fun, but not as fun as being out in public with Bean!!!)

I'm going to go edit our Ellen's Dance Dare at the grocery store and figure out how to do a picture in picture on Window's Movie Maker. See ya!
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    Seriously, you guys, please!!!  ... LOOK!!

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Patrick got home early today, so we filmed the rest of the week's shows. It is SO much better with him here!!!

We filmed a clip of Abyni and Bean the Monkey making up a song together (I wrote it) and it turned out SO AMAZINGLY WELL! I am actually REALLY REALLY proud of this episode clip!! Abyni needs to perk up a little bit, but she's just getting in the role, so its all good and she looks SO good on camera! Bean's focus was off (he wasn't looking right into the camera like he was supposed to, but hey, he's learning too:)

Anyway, I am extremely proud of the episode that we all put together, and I would REALLY appreciate some feedback on it when it publishes in the morning. Even if you don't have young kids, you can watch it just to appreciate the fact that I've never done any kind of puppeteering until last MONTH, you guys... I've been doing this less than a MONTH. With my hubby's helps and tons of support from my friends, its really coming together.  It was so much fun to edit this clip!!!

The post will upload in the morning, if you want to watch, you can check here in the morning, pretty much any time after 6:00, if I set the time scheduler thing right:) (and if you DO have kids and they want to watch, give me their names and I'll have Bean say "HI" to them sometime!)

And OMG, it goes so much better with my hubby here!!! He is SO freaking awesome!!

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We didn't get filming done yesterday, so instead we had to hurry up and do our first clip this morning... Bean obviously needed a bit more coffee first:)

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It depends on my hair.

In my younger years, it was whatever color my hair was=whatever celeb was popular with that cut & color.

Now, obviously, I get the "you look like P!nk" thing because THAT is my hair (AND MY 'BADASS' 'intimidating' personality helps, too, I'm sure.) The only oddity is that seeing her in interviews and off the cuff stuff, my husband of nearly 18 years says that we are some kind of twins or something because we have a lot of the same quirks/personality things and whatnot.
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Unlike the channels where the teens/young adults appear to have an unlimited budget for expensive stuff, here's a nice change of pace for you. She's on a VERY tight budget because we're a single income family with 5 kids:)
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My husband. He is strong in every way that I am weak.
I am strong in the areas that he is weak.
He is all science, math, calculations and technology.
I am all creativity, art, adventure, dreams, perception and 'the big picture'.
He would happily live a fairly content life in the box, routine and good enough.
I drive everything out of the box and full of chance and dreams.
We are a perfect compliment to each other.

As long as he listens to me and trusts my intuition:)

Actually, he's perfect for me regardless.

Tonight I was reading wedding vows in a book and was reminded (again) that (long story) I didn't say my vows at our wedding (again, longer story)... I said, "We should renew our vows" and then realized we're less than 2 1/2 years away from our TWENTIETH anniversary. We might renew our vows then. Well, HE will renew... I'll finally say them:)

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